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 What It Takes to Sell Your Home Today


The longer the home sits on the market, the bigger the discount in order to sell. The faster you reach all potential buyers, the more money you can get from selling your home. Hit the ground running with this marketing plan to reach buyers at a local, national and even international level. Don’t waste your time and money any longer on tactics that simply do not work.

Marketing Plan Overview


To Locate Buyers and Sell Your Home for MORE Money

Selling a home has become as easy as it has become competitive. As technology availability and consumption increases, modern buyers can glance at vast catalog of homes in mere seconds. However, staying on top of new emerging real estate trends is useless without covering the essential necessities first. Old-fashioned methods are still extremely effective for the ‘drive-through-the-neighborhood’ buyers. A successful home-selling campaign merges traditional and modern strategies to target both audiences. Here are the undeniably most important ways to stand out from the competition and attract the right buyers for your home.


Most home-owners and realtors agree that copywriting is an extremely important necessity for selling a home for several reasons. Being able to communicate essential information in an easily understood manner, with detailed explanation, the chances of selling a home increases exponentially. Shining light on certain aspects may catch the attention of the buyer in satisfying their quest for the perfect house by suiting their anticipated needs.

Here is my favorite example of why copywriting is so important… Did you know that Lexus is made by Toyota? Did you also know that the Toyota Avalon and the Lexus GS are nearly identical vehicles?


Now, a good photograph has a significantly higher probability of getting a home sold when compared to a low-resolution image with bad lighting. In fact, there is a 100% increase in clicks when the photograph is visually attractive. When 89% of home buyers search the internet looking for a home, you really want to make sure your home shines and stands out. 

Presenting Your Home

This goes along with photography because your home will be photographed in both the exterior and interior. You want to make sure you show off the best value and features of your home. Sometimes, staging may be recommended or even necessary. On average, staged homes tend to sell 2 months faster in this market than un-staged homes. In mortgage payments alone, the seller can easily save well over $2,000.

The point is to make the place look fresh, clean and feel like home, as best as possible. This is a sure-fire way to get buyers to submit offers quickly. Multiple offers means a better opportunity to get the most money at a much faster rate.

Aerial Photography

Aerials are the most impressive photography in any presentation of a home. Having angles that seem impossible to reach, show the high value of the home. Instead of just taking any photo of the front of your house, you are offering a cinematic picture of your home, making it seem more suiting to a buyer’s dream home. Don’t fail to go above and beyond. Photography drones have recently been perceived as ‘cutting-edge’ to buyers. Our Team has invested the time and money to make aerial photography of your home a reality. It is a great trick that should be utilized sooner than later before it becomes the real estate industry norm.


The best way to stop wasting time from constant walk-throughs is to offer Videos and Virtual Tours. With multiple video hosting sites now available (YouTube, Google, Y!, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.), you will have more opportunities of being found. Beyond that, buyers downright prefer to be able to view videos and virtual tours. According to ComSource, “Consumers spend an average of 75% longer on web sites with a video.” This along with a detailed description can increase the likelihood of selling. Dr. Mc Quivey of Forrester Research also claims that “Watching 1 minute of video is the equivalent to reading 1.8 million words.” Don’t miss this enormous opportunity to sell your home!